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Drawing has been a constant passion for me, something coming right from the bottom of my heart. It was the only subject I was good at in school. The fire kept kindling inside and I entered college with the curiosity to explore more. I was looking to expand in the advertising arena with the G.D. Art course. But, by the Third Year, I realized that animation was my calling. I never trained myself in it formally, but my curiosity kept me afloat.

I consider myself fortunate that I had access to a computer in an early age, when the machines were still a novelty in India. At the same time, 2D animation courses in Hyderabad were gaining popularity. Many of my friends also took the course. I learnt partly through listening to them, partly through reading books and of course with help of the computer, thanks to my family. It is simultaneously funny and nostalgic to remember those UIs of Flash 5.

I worked my way through many jobs after that. And I am indebted by what each one has taught me. Phoebus Creations, Pixeleye and Media Solutions – all have left a different impact on me. It is from many collective impressions that my art evolves with its individuality. And I have poured all that I have learnt into our venture The Media Tree.

With The Media Tree, we have constructed a design studio that stands on the foundation of trust. This abstract base is achieved through a meticulous process – right from understanding the clients’ requirements to deciding on the colour scheme in the final product, we approach each step carefully. The trust of the client is achieved by giving our best in each of these steps.

I also deliver lectures at many places for students now. I am even honoured with invitations to judge some competitions. The only thing I tell students is to keep drawing. Which course to take, what field to pursue, are matters less significant when one is learning.

Learning builds in you the technique to execute art. Hours and hours of drawing with a pencil will help you achieve that perfect stroke. It is with this creative sense, that technology should then be combined. Technology is something that enables you to execute your thought. It is a boon for an artist.

I wish to share my experiences and my work through this platform. There is a lot that I see every day and depict it in my sketches. These are reflections of life as I see it. If you identify with them, my process as an artist would be complete.

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