Julus : Shakuntala Kulkarni

This project is very different for me. When I meet with Shaku & heard a concept, I am so impressed as well as little confused about execution. But after get in the project, discussing with Shaku, Ajay, Rikhav picture is fairly clear.
I learnt one thing from Shaku, at this age she is so energetic & focused. In the beginning she was not so aware about croma, keying, vfx etc. or you can say todays technology, but the way she understand it, its really inspiring for me.

I really thankful to her to give me an opportunity.

IMG_7186 IMG_7188

Shakuntala Kulkarni (Visual Artist, Director)
Ajay Noronha (DOP),
Rikhav (Editor)
Anand Bhutkar (VFX supervisor, TMT team member)
Vidya Suman (VFX artist, TMT team member)
Mahesh Deore (VFX artist, TMT team member)

Project was showcased in Dakha, Bangladesh in Feb 2016.

Her valuable comments for Team The Media Tree
Dear Anand
I want to thank you for your endless support and for your commitment working with me on the  four channel video project “Julus” which was shot on chroma. When Archana Hande introduced me to you I asked you a question whether you were willing to experiment with me and take a risk as I am doing  working on my project . This is the first time I was doing four channel synchronised work. I was Sp. Worried about croma cleaning with moving images. You said yes and took up the challenge. you became my partner in this work till the end. You were co operative. You sent number of  cleaned clips, had several conversations and came down to my studio for recky shoot so that we could have clarity. You were around to check out during the shoot in April and then the demo in Dec.. you were interested and enthusiastic till the end always patient, smiling, answering all my queries,generous with time, friendly, always eager to learn. You created this with your team vidya and mahesh so that I could take the project ahead with their support. They too were co operative , always smiling and patient .Working with them became easy and we got more clarity each time we saw what we did on the projector only because of their interest and willingness . You were always around with us inspite of your busy schedule.

Working on the videos was time consuming and at times trying with endless corrections till the end. But you never stopped .the result was simply great., unbelievable.

Your rest of the team though not part of the project too became friendly as i was in and out of the studio.  They always welcomed me making me feel at home. We soon went for tea together ate together. It was great fun working in such lively atmosphere. I do congratulate you for this fantastic team .it’s not possible to produce such results without such a committed team

I learnt a lot working with you. I hope you  gained as much from this project as I did.
Thank you once again for the impeccable work. It was a pleasure working with you and your team
All the best for your future projects
With much regards to you and your team

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